One That You Can Experience Alongside Your Current Success

The Path To Your Inner-Transformation Starts With You

Does Your Life Appear to Be Perfect But Are You Feeling Unhappy, Unsettled, Unfulfilled?

Or, are you playing the "Everything is Perfect" Game when you know deep down you are longing for more?

Does this sound familiar:

Your external life looks picture perfect. 

You have all the trappings of material success – Fancy Cars, Money, Titles, etc. 

But your inner-world is in discord.

 There is something missing.  You are unfulfilled.  

Worst, you have no one you can trust enough to talk about it. 

You know there is more.  

But you are not sure what it is or how to reach it. 

You want to live your best life. 

To feel fulfilled and Transformed from the INSIDE OUT.  

There's Something Out There That Will
Give You The Personal Fulfillment You
Want and Desire....But What?

I ‘m willing to bet if you are reading this, there is a fulfilled life out that you are longing for.

But, like many other High-performing Women,  ever time you think about it, you get struck trying to figure out all the details, like:

  • Why am I feeling some much discontent?
  • Everyone thinks my life is perfect, so who can I really talk to who won’t judge me?
  • Can I really have worldly success and experience inner peace?
  • Or maybe you’ve just been alittle afraid of moving ahead into the “unknown”…
  • Or are you afraid you will loss you edge when you begin to move from your heart

Trust me, I get it!  I asked some of the same questions and had some of the same fears.

You may have silently given up hope on:

  • Being supported
  • Being Understood
  • Being Accepted
  • Having an authentic circle of friends and family you can call on

You Are Probably Making One of The
Two Most Common Mistakes

Mistake #1: Your Values and Actions Don't Make

Of course this is not intentional.  But, When Your values and actions are out of alignment, it is IMPOSSIBLE to feel inner-fulfillment, joy, or peace.  Your actions and your Values are out of alignment.   


Mistake #2: Not Creating a Self-Fulfillment Plan

I bet if you look back at all the major successes in your life, none of them happened by accident.  They may have not happen exactly as you planned, but, I am sure, there was a plan.  

Unfortunately most of us are not encouraged, or even taught the importance of creating or implement a personalize self-fulfillment plan into our vision or our goals.  

Think about all the things you accomplished, big and small.  Even some of the small goals required planning and focus.  

It is the missing key that is causing this great void.  

She Trusted and was Transformed

I am an entrepreneur, and an author. It often feels isolating because ideas flow, sometimes as fast as an waterfall. I have judged my execution of my ideas, in the past as a complete failure because the outcome I had wanted did not come to fruition. Therefore any future motivation to create something new, and generate an vision that I am passionate to share with others, felt daunting. I felt paralyzed to move forward. However, after discussing these focused details with Nyaima, she reached down to the root of the issue, helping me to see, that every aspect of my perceived plans were actually successful. Nyaima's passion and enthusiasm for life, for spiritual integrity motivated me to serge forward with my book plans. I asked my publisher to publish the work, three months ahead of schedule instead of delaying. It is often said not to focus on the outcome of any situation, what Nyaima helped me understand is that the very energy of intention generated, is where the greatest changes occur. Letting go and trusting in the process, that we have no control over, allows us to be surprised, keep going, changing, and growing. Success and abundance isn't something to achieve, it is something to align with. Fear is always available to us, so is gratitude, and kindness. Nayima helped me understand the need to be kind to myself too, so that I would be able to see progress in myself, and in the community around me. Thank you Nyaima for helping me turn a corner, so that I could play with my waterfall of ideas, flow with them while enjoying the journey. If you are open, aware, and wanting clear direction, allow yourself to receive the powerful, force and clarity, of Nyaima's work.
E.O Worth
Author of

The Missing Pieces...

A Choice and a Plan

Many people and programs will give you generic solutions on how to feel happier.  Some will encourage you to just think positive thoughts, while others will try to convince you you need to take an exotic retreat.  These methods do work sometimes, they do not always

No one else can create your Self-Fulfillment for you.  They can help, but You have to do it yourself.  And you have to do it the right way.  You are the only person in the world that can truly stimulate your inner-fulfillment.  

So many people start on the path towards inner fulfillment, they start out strong, but then get discouraged because they are still not experiencing what they want and are not sure what to do next.  

 I don’t want that for you.  

Instead, I want to help you discover what I call your “FIERCE Formula.”

Because theres’s only one kind of success that feels good not matter what is going on around you:  That is if you have A New Success Code.

Imagine a compass. Inside the compass is something called a “compass rose” that marks the 4 cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. And a needle that always points north.

You’re like this compass — at all times, you remain calibrated to point to your True North, even if you’re not aware of it. You can rely on your True North to guide you, show you the right path to take, even as you evolve, and even as the world changes around you.

Your "New Success Code" is the personalized plan and commitment you make for and to yourself.
It is your guide towards
Inner-Transformation and Self-Fulfillment

And generally speaking, it’s made up by the sum of your collected experience, your interests and your unique gifts or superpowers.

A “True North Business” is the only kind of business that will both allow you to stand out from the noise of the most crowded market the world and the internet has ever seen… and experience the long-term fulfillment of building not just “A business you CAN build,” but “THE business you’re HERE TO BUILD…”

But too many people ignore their True North compass when it comes time to choose their business, and they end up heading East, West, or even, South.

And, because your “True North Business” is founded on your internal truth, not guesses, fashions or whims, it’s easier to stay on track as others get distracted by attractive opportunities that pull them off course.

As long as you understand this, and follow your “True North”, you’ll arrive at your destination, whatever that looks like for you.

The beautiful part is that while everyone’s “True North” Business is different, the path to finding it is the same — you need to Start With You.

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road...

Everyone's Path to Self-Fulfillment is Unique.
And When you Find Yours, Your Life will Transform with Clarity, Peace, and Joy

This is why you shouldn’t be looking at generic programs or copying what worked for someone else.  

Self-Fulfillment is not a destination, it is a state.  And you have to decode the steps required to get you in that state.  

That is what the “New Success Code” is.  It is your roadmap to creating a state of Self-Fulfillment and the path to your Inner-Transformation.  

Everything is better and brighter when your fulfillment comes from the inside out.  

Your cars drive better, the flowers smell sweeter, your outer success is easier to attain.  


Making Changes is Often the Hardest Part. Getting Started is often the Second Hardest part.

As a High-Performer, there is so much pressure to do it, and do it faullessly.  But the truth is, you are human to.  You have limits, you have fears, you have blindspots.  

You don’t have to be perfect.  Your intentions to experience a more fulfilled life is enough.  

Let me help you create a solid foundation of a firm knowledge that REAL success contains Self-Fulfillment.  It is your RIght!  Once you know your personal path for experiencing it, there is never any fear when you are not experiencing it because you will have the tools to get right back into it.  

I want you to take the first steps towards your New Success Code and enjoy the Joys of Self-Transformation.  

It's Finally Time To Get Out of Living An Experience Less than

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For BadAss, High-Performing, Entrepreneurial Spirited Women Who Want to Experience the Self-Fulfillment They Deserve.

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Your mission should you choose to accept it is to design a personalized, executable, BadAss Woman Self-Fulfillment Masterplan in six weeks or less, so you can feel and experience the inner perfection and harmony you desire and deserve, and live in alignment with your vision and achievements.   


Create A Master plan for your Inner Fulfillment so you can serve yourself and the world in your full capacity.  


Identify your path, one that is Self-Fulfilling and makes your outward successes taste sweeter.  


Find the language to express what Self-Fulfillment means to you.  


Know the steps it takes to get you in the state of self-fulfillment.  


Find the support you need to accomplish your goals and vision in a wholistic way without compromising your spiritual or emotional sanity.  


Just think – just six weeks from right now, you’ll have your Personal Success Code:  One that will be personally and spiritually fulfilling.  


And, you’ll have a specific plan for moving forward with clarity and confidence, so you can put aside your fears and doubts, knowing you’re on the right path and have the tools to make it happen!

Here is What the New Success Code Journey Looks Like


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